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About Chase

I enjoy meeting with people and getting to know them. It is one of the highlights of helping people with their insurance. When I am not on the phone or in an appointment I may be in the woods honing my survival skills or helping with a church activity. I look forward to spending time with clients every year, having a cup of coffee and talking. I have spent well over a decade honing my skills as a Medicare health plan expert. I have experience navigating complex situations, but also try to learn something new each day. I enjoy equipping prospects with the knowledge they need about Medicare and Health plan types so they can make a confident decision about their plan.  I am humbled to be a resource in the communities I serve when people have questions related to Medicare health plans. Thank You for your trust.

Chase Crosby with a cup of coffee

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Joshua 24:15